Luterkort Advokatbyrå is the oldest existing law firm in Malmö. It can race its roots back to the late 1800s, when Dr Carl Livjin, LLD, established his law firm in the city. Later, when Sweden’s legendary attorney at law, Mr Göran Luterkort, took over the business, he changed the name to Advokatfirman Göran Luterkort. With his tireless energy and boundless creativity, he paved the way towards a new and even more successful era in legal work and laid the foundations for what all of us here at Luterkort Advokatbyrå stand for today.

It has always been our ambition to offer our clients first-rate competence across a wide range of legal areas in one and the same law firm. We can offer you a team of attorneys who, between them, possess all the legal expertise you need. We pride ourselves on the close collaboration that exists between all members of staff, as this means that every client can always be assured of access to the full spectrum of skills represented at Luterkort.