Luterkort Advokatbyrå represents both buyers and sellers in all kinds of matters, negotiations and agreements relating to the sale and purchase of various types of commercial and private properties. Luterkort Advokatbyrå has a great deal of experience in disputes relating to hidden defects in buildings, such as poor water quality, damage caused by damp, moisture and mildew, the presence of radon or mould, deviations from the contract of sale, etc. Luterkort Advokatbyrå can also assist with issues relating to property registration, planning permission, etc.

In the field of construction law, we represent both contractors and their principals in all types of disputes, both between businesses and between businesses and consumers. Luterkort Advokatbyrå can also provide support and assistance with the procurement of building contracts, with the drafting and interpretation of contractual agreements, and with matters involving guarantees and inspections. We also have close links with experts in a number of different fields of construction.


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